Come to the Dentist with your Children this Christmas: The Benefits are Abundant

The holiday season is fast approaching, making it easy to forget about all of the tasks we still have left to complete before the year is over. With busy schedules and frantic shopping on the mind, dental work is usually the last item to appear on your checklist. But your child’s health is always a vital item on your list, and it’s important to think about your kids’ dental health before they indulge in holiday feasts and candy. Encourage them to come to the dentist for a quick and painless checkup, so that they can check an important item off of their own list and return to focusing on the candy! This article will explain a few reasons why Christmas and New Year’s are the best times of the year for your child to get an annual dental checkup.

Annual Healthcare Costs can Justify Checkups
Even Santa Claus knows that healthcare can get expensive. Most insurances cover the cost of a child’s annual checkup and cleaning, and it would be advantageous to bring them in before the insurance year is over. Bringing them in before Christmas can help dentists identify and prevent any dental issues that your child may have if they wait any longer. The last thing a child wants is a toothache right before holiday dinners! Bring them in early and let our kind and compassionate staff confirm that all of their teeth are in working order. There is still time to use the remaining insurance benefits for the year.

By receiving preventative healthcare treatments, your children will avoid the risk of developing major dental issues or gum disease – and you will avoid the risk of spending more out of pocket to cure these issues. A great way to cut down on insurance costs is to bring your children to the dentist during the Christmas or New Year’s holidays. Start your children off in the new year with healthy habits and a killer clean smile!

Kids have More Energy and Excitement over the Holidays
There are an overwhelming array of sights and sounds that a child falls in love with during the holiday season. When they are in high spirits, it may be easier to convince them to take a quick trip to the dentist and get their teeth cleaned without a fuss. Our office is decorated with festive sights and fun little gifts for your child to enjoy while they receive a checkup. They may not say it out loud, but your child’s mouth will thank you for it!

Our extensive children’s dental services offer a fun and safe place for kids to receive gentle care. One of the most important reasons to ensure your child receives regular checkups is to prevent any major teeth or gum issues from arising. Kids will love how quickly a teeth cleaning can be accomplished.

A Full Range of Services Are Available to the New Year
If you’re running out of time this holiday, your kids always have a chance to visit the dentist and receive any level of care. Does your child need braces put on or removed? Do they struggle with grinding and need a mouth guard fitted for sleep? This holiday season, your child can receive any type of dental care they need without skipping out on holiday fun.

Children of all ages are encouraged to visit the dentist, as dental problems can occur from an age as young as one or two years old. Did you know that common children’s habits such as thumb sucking and nail biting can lead to dental development and enamel issues? Developing healthy teeth habits at an early age can prevent children from needing more invasive treatment as they grow older. And, at this time of the year, Santa will be getting his teeth cleaned too!


Get Your Kids In for a Cleaning Before Christmas!