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He Knows When You Are Sleeping: Santa’s Guide to Preventing Snoring

Does your family complain about your snoring? Do you complain about their snoring? Perhaps even Santa snores! Snoring is an extremely common symptom amongst all people around the world, but it is actually a very unhealthy habit. Not only is it hard for breathing, but it causes a lot of dental damage, and it’s difficult for your teeth to withstand. Let us review some facts and signs about snoring, and offer some curative and preventative measures so as not to disturb Santa during his important chimney work.

The Dangers of Snoring
When a person is snoring, they tend to breathe through their open mouths, which is what causes the loud sound we are all too familiar with. Breathing heavily through an open mouth causes the mouth to become incredibly dry, which presents a slew of problems for oral health. When the mouth is dry, the glands are unable to produce saliva. Saliva is the fluid that washes the tongue, cells, and gums. Without it, those parts of the mouth become susceptible to infections and sores.

When the mouth is open, bacteria begins to build on the teeth with nothing to prevent it from growing. This is one of the reasons why both your family and your dog have bad breath when they wake up! This bacterium is harmful and can cause the deterioration or decay of the teeth and enamel. Snoring invites bacteria inside to party in your mouth. Furthermore, the symptoms of having a dry mouth during snoring can even lead to the development of gum disease or a painful, burning mouth. Not to mention an increase in bad morning breath, which is the worst offender of all!

How to Take Preventative Measures and Stop the Snoring Habits
It is sometimes difficult to identify how severe your snoring may be, since you are asleep when it happens. But for most people who snore, they are quickly made aware of their habits through the complaints of their bedmate or family member. There are several measures that can be taken to prevent the negative symptoms of snoring, and, if you made it on to Santa’s good list this year, perhaps it is likely to prevent snoring altogether!

Snoring devices are newly available as part of advanced dental technology. This fairly new concept allows for the patient to wear a non-invasive tool at night that helps open nasal pathways, encouraging breathing through the nose and with a closed mouth. Since several non-dental issues can also arise from snoring, such as sleep apnea and lung complications, dentists work closely with physicians to create a device best suited for the prevention of snoring altogether. These devices help breathing occur naturally through the nose and with a closed mouth, which prevents air from being passed over the teeth. Air passing over the teeth is one of the prime causes of the development of bad bacteria on the teeth and tongue.

By helping your sleeping body develop habits to prevent snoring, it can learn to breathe better and prevent oral issues from arising. Dry mouth comes with a slew of oral pains and issues, and the longer you can keep your mouth closed and salivates, the healthier it will be. Reduce the risk of inflammation of the gums, wearing of tooth enamel, and the development of harmful (and smelly!) bacteria by investing in a snoring device. This customizable object is available during the holiday season and is at the top of Santa’s list of new toys!