How To Eat the Most Holiday Food You Can Possibly Eat: A Guide to Impactful Implants and Dentures

The holidays can be a time of stress and chaos, with little time to think about dental help and procedures. If you’re struggling with chopped or broken teeth, need fillings, or require extra enamel care, you may feel disheartened by the food-related events and festivities surrounding the season. It can be impossible to chew and enjoy food when you are in need of serious dental work. Implants and dentures are a great and impactful solution to hindering dental issues, and you should consider investing in one of these updated technologies before the end of the holiday season.

Symptoms that Require Implants and Dentures
Adults of all ages want to eat a hearty holiday dinner without having to worry about feeling pain or sensitivity in the mouth. Not being able to eat or enjoy a Christmas feast is the equivalent of receiving coal in one’s stocking! Have you lost one or several teeth? Are they badly chipped and broken? Do you have a decreasing amount of bone mass in your jaw, or even missing crowns? It’s time to consider dentures or implants before it’s too late – get yours before the holidays draw to a close!

The holiday season is truly the best time to invest in such a procedure. At the same time you’re being fitted for dentures or implants, you can also receive a dental exam and cleaning before health insurance benefits run out for the year. This will help you to gauge your oral health and provide dentists with the knowledge of what further procedures need to be done. An update to dental health is a true Christmas gift, and will be celebrated for many years to come. These advanced tools will help you regain the capacity to smile, laugh, and eat without burden.

What is the Difference Between Implants and Dentures, and How Do I Know Which One is Right for Me?
There are two major procedures that can be done to benefit your mouth and improve your holiday cheer. For a more permanent and long-lasting effect, implants are a possible procedure. Implants can replace one or multiple missing or broken teeth. If you have ample bone mass in your jaw, dentists can screw implants and permanent crowns into your jawbone, mimicking a natural looking and feeling tooth. Each implant is custom fitted to match your bite and the curvature of each individual tooth. When the three-part procedure is complete, you will feel like you’ve gained a new and healthy smile. Implants are meant to feel natural and non-invasive, and advances in technology have made this possible. With the titanium screw in your jaw, nothing can stop you from eating as much holiday food as you desire!

If you do not possess the proper amount of bone mass in your jaw, you can be assisted with full or partial dentures. Traditionally, dentures have been known as ill-fitting tools that are put in a wet jar at night and replaced in the morning. Fortunately, dental technology has been able to produce much better versions, implementing a procedure that provides an option of structural support clips for a more permanent feel. You can opt for a full denture build, or partial dentures for just one or several missing teeth. It is difficult for people – even your prying family members – to tell dentures apart from natural teeth. You’ll be able to eat, breathe, and relax without worry of dentures falling out. You’ll be able to present a proper smile and eat as many desserts as you wish – as long as you remember to stop by for your annual or bi-annual cleanings!