Is a Smile Makeover on Your List of Personal Goals for 2019?

Smile Makeover as Your Personal Goal

You may think of your dentist as someone to visit when you require dental check-ups, cleanings and even as an emergency dentist. However, are they also someone you think of when considering a smile makeover? If not, you should begin looking at your regular dentist as that sort of dentist, too. The very best dentists are often able to provide all you need if a smile makeover is on your list of personal goals for 2019.

What can Quay Dental Do for Your Smile Makeover?
It is helpful to know what your dentist will offer you when planning your smile makeover. Why? Because no two treatment plans are alike and the steps it will take to improve “the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures” can vary widely from one person to the next.
Some of the treatments a dental expert may incorporate into your smile makeover can include:

  • Dental implants;
  • Veneers;
  • Bonding treatments;
  • Teeth whitening; and
  • Crowns

Consider too that your cosmetic dentist will not look exclusively at the appearance of the smile. They also look, first and foremost, at your level of oral health. They will do a cleaning and exam to see if there are any issues relating to tooth decay or gum disease. Next, they determine if you require restorative treatments or something as important as a filling or even a root canal.

Your General Dentist at Quay Dental is Also Your Smile Makeover Expert
What all of this really tells us, though, is that a good dentist takes the time to work out a customised plan of action. While it could be as easy as visiting Quay Dental and getting a check-up, cleaning and a whitening treatment in order to make your smile appear its very best, it could be a much more involved process.

They may find you require a few crowns or even an implant to ensure a healthy bite. They may determine that some deeply set stains won’t respond to whitening and that veneers are your best option. Your dentist may even have to stagger your visits to get the different processes completed.

What you can be sure of is that your skilled dentist will never focus only on the appearances and skip over the key issues of proper dental health and hygiene.

Should You Visit a General Dentist for a Smile Makeover This Year?
Does any of this make you wonder if you should visit your dentist to book a makeover? Maybe you are worried that it will be a lengthy process. Perhaps you think, “where is there such a dentist near me?” The good news is that anyone in need of a dentist in the Sydney area can turn to Quay Dental. Located in the Sydney CBD,

They provide the very best care. Offering dental patients a wide array of treatment options, they are ready to discuss a smile makeover for 2019. Just contact the office today.


Smile Makeover: Reinvent Your Smile