Links Between Bad Oral Hygiene and Major Diseases

Science Proves Links Between Bad Oral Hygiene and Major Diseases Like Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease

Whether you’ve been wondering something along the lines of “Do I really need to find a dentist near me?” or you worry you don’t have an emergency dentist for unexpected dental health issues, you should find one soon.

Why? Not only because waiting to find a healthcare provider until a crisis occurs is unwise, but also because science has now proven that poor dental health and oral hygiene is directly related to a lot of general and systemic health issues.

At Quay Dental your Dentist Would Warn That the Mouth is the Bacterial Gateway!
Medical and dental experts often describe the mouth as the main point of entry for bacteria entering the body. However, most also point out that not everything is swallowed. Instead, bacteria enter the body via the bloodstream after it has remained in the mouth. Even though we brush, floss and use rinses, most dental care providers warn us that bacteria remains and flourishes.

It also causes issues that can lead to complicated or very specialised dental care.

Diseases and Dental Health
Patients will often find that all dental experts emphasize basic care – check-ups, regular cleanings, screenings for gum disease, and so on. They do this because dental health has direct links to overall health.

How? Teeming with bacteria, the mouth is an ideal breeding ground for trouble. Simply skipping daily brushing and flossing can allow tooth decay to develop. If not remedied with proper dental care, you may find yourself rushing to an emergency dentist because of pain, swelling or even a broken or impacted tooth.

However, tooth decay can quietly worsen and cause gum issues that eventually develop into periodontal disease. This is not simply an infection of the gums, but of all tissues that support the teeth. This infection can then cause inflammation, can allow bacteria into the bloodstream where it can travel to other areas of the body, and even trigger eating disorders or immune issues.

Scientists have found that dental issues like gum disease and decay have links to:

  • Type I and II diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease, bacterial pneumonia, stroke and heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Premature birth and low birth weight
  • Osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Additionally, when you skip regular dental treatments you may need more complicated dental treatment. This means more invasive treatment that also boosts the risks for bacterial spread and disease elsewhere in the body.

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