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Make Annual Checkups Your New Year’s Resolution: The Importance of Upkeeping Dental Health

It’s easy to make resolutions each year, but we quickly forget to follow through with them, and become distracted by the difficulties of our daily lives. This year, make a resolution you can truly keep. Visiting the dentist takes little of your time, and provides endless and long-lasting benefits to your overall health and well being. After you’ve eaten the last of the Christmas cookies, consider making annual or bi-annual cleaning appointments to beat keep the cavities away. That way, you can continue to enjoy those cookies without damage or worry!

An In-Depth Look at Dental Exams and Cleanings
While the procedure is quite common, there is a lot that goes into a dental exam and teeth cleaning. Dentists want to make sure they receive the most detailed and accurate information about your mouth, helping you to prevent dental dangers and illnesses that could affect you for the rest of your life. There are a few major reasons why exams and cleanings are so important:

● The most famous, and one of the most important, reasons for needing a dental exam is to prevent cavities. The buildup of plaque can cause tooth decay, which builds up inside the tooth and can cause infection and the subsequent loss of the tooth. By scraping off plaque and preventing tartar, dentists become the knights that fight off cavities for good!

● Another majorly important reason to have an exam and cleaning every 6-12 months is to prevent gum disease, which can prove disastrous for your mouth and overall health. The inflammation of gums and the start of gingivitis can lead to gum disease. Dentists can get rid of the tartar which irritates the gums, helping to prevent the disease from occurring. During a cleaning, you will also learn the proper ways of flossing, which help clean gums and stop them from being so sensitive.

● Are you a smoker or a coffee drinker? Several of our humanly habits can cause stains and other buildup, making for a not-so-fresh smile. A cleaning can help remove those deep stains and bring teeth back to their bright, shining whiteness. This, too, can help you feel better about your overall health and confidence.

● Cleanings and checkups are way more cost effective than deeper oral and medical procedures. Cleanings are all about preventative care, whereas other dental work, such as root canals, implants, and oral surgery, are used to treat a condition or issue that already exists. By coming to the dentist once or twice a year, you can help prevent major issues from arising, and feel great about your teeth while you’re at it! Dentists use cleaning, scraping, brushing, flossing, and x-rays as preventative measures to gain information and build up a defense against harmful infection, bacteria, or disease.

The Best Reason Anyone Will Ever Need to Get an Exam – It Could Be Free!
Yes, many oral exams and cleanings can be free or offered at a very low cost! Health insurance companies give many benefits for dental care, and often aid patients in getting exams once or twice a year. Exams and cleanings are the most common and helpful dental procedures around the world, and do not take up much of your time. Plan on staying at the dentist for a short while, and afterwards you are free to walk through the rest of your year with a clean and healthy smile. Gift yourself with something cost-effective that can last up to an entire year. Your dental hygiene will be in top shape as the year begins, allowing you the time and confidence to work on satisfying the other New Year’s resolutions on your list!