Smile Your Best Smile!

For most of us, the start of New Year is all about resolutions. Often times the resolutions involve our health, personal and professional lives. Speaking of health, our oral health plays a key part in our overall well being and health of our body. Oral health not only encompasses the teeth and gums from within but also how they appear on the outside, just like our skin or hair.

A lot of us wonder at some stage what we can do to improve the appearance of our teeth and what impact would that have on our personality. This involves exploring options regarding what cosmetic dental procedures are best for our smile and if at all, we can benefit from them. It is unfortunate that we live in an age when the phrase “cosmetic” may sound vain. However, this association is not always true. Sometimes, cosmetic dental treatments are some of the best options for those of us who are experiencing a lower quality of life due to dental issues. When you speak with a dentist about this issue, they are likely to point out the benefits of changing your smile.

Some of these benefits include:

  • You are able o smile more – If you are intentionally hiding your smile, it may mean you do not laugh freely, speak often, or feel comfortable around others
  • You can chew better- Your teeth may not be helping you to chew and eat as you should, for better health
  • Your oral health will contribute to better overall health- Cosmetic issues with teeth may also be related to the overall oral health you experience, and could poor oral health can potentially lead to other health issues (diabetes, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s)

As you can see, it is about much more than a having “movie star” smile. Indeed it is lovely to have properly aligned, healthy and bright teeth just for the cosmetic reasons, but when you actually feel better because of healthy teeth, you are likely to smile more and socialize more. In turn, your mood will lift and yourself-esteem will increase measurably.

Self-Confidence and Dental Health

It is important to keep in mind that poor dental health or cosmetic dental issues could be potentially limiting your personal as well as professional life. That could mean you don’t feel comfortable in a professional or social setting that would require you to speak and let others see your teeth.

In addition, we know that first impressions do matter, as well. If you have a smile that appears unhealthy, or you are missing teeth or have unhealthy gums, you don’t feel confident and comfortable in yourself.

All these issues can have a negative effect on your overall health and happiness. They will reduce your self-confidence, and your comfort level around others. Yet, working with an expert dentist at Quay Dental can begin to alleviate these issues in addition to other services we provide

We believe The best dentist is the one that builds your healthy good-looking smile on a foundation of optimal oral health. While if everything looks good, you may not require more than a cleaning and some whitening in order to have your very best smile, however, also in case of some dental problem you might need something more. For example, a root canal to save an infected tooth and some veneers to treat discolouration may be your best solution.

At Quay Dental in the Sydney CBD, patients enjoy optimal care, whether general, surgical and cosmetic dentistry. Delivered in a vibrant, positive atmosphere, patients can get a customised solution to their dental needs and soon experience a new level of self-confidence and improved quality of life. If you want to discuss your dental needs with an expert dentist in Sydney, contact the office today.  Our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you!

Studies Prove Your Smile Has a Direct Impact on Your Self-Confidence