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Teeth Like White Sands: Why A Dazzling Smile is Great for the Holidays

Do you want a great holiday gift that will last through your entire New Year’s resolution? Perhaps teeth whitening is the best option for you, your family, and your friends this year. While brushing and flossing regularly can help to prevent stains and maintain healthy looking teeth, it might not always give your teeth the whiteness and sparkle they deserve. Teeth whitening is a common and advanced cosmetic practice with proven positive results, and is an affordable and long-lasting gift for yourself or any loved one this holiday season.

Why Do Teeth Change Color in the First Place?
It’s natural for our teeth to change colors as we grow and age. The constant consumption of food and drink – which is an inevitable fact of life – can stain teeth or change the color of its pigments. The pigments from food and drinks, especially such drinks as tea, coffee, and alcohol, love to stick to the layer of enamel that protects your teeth, and can alter the way it looks.

Tobacco can drastically yellow your teeth, causing stains that are hard to remove. The chemicals from nicotine and tar are very dark, and serve as a striking contrast against the pearly whiteness of teeth. Individuals who smoke, or who simply feel like their teeth aren’t as white or bright as they used to be, can benefit from having their teeth whitened.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?
There are several different procedures and treatments available for you to choose from. Quay Dental offers both in-office and at-home tools for you to maximize your whitening efforts, and put the control into your own hands. While whitening strips and pastes can be bought in the store and over the counter, it is best to rely on the professional quality of bleaches and gels. Dentists are equipped with the tools to bleach your teeth to the color of your preference, offering all shades of white. You are then given gels to take at home, using them to maintain and protect the whiteness of your teeth, and to ensure that the color you chose remains vibrant and consistent.

Teeth whitening is completely safe, and is practiced all around the world. The majority of dental patients around the globe inquire about teeth whitening, and most make use of it as well. The procedures bleach the enamel on your tooth, staining it so that it becomes bright and white.

The Success and Side Effects of Teeth Whitening
Since one of the major components of the teeth whitening bleach is peroxide, the chemical may get through the enamel to the layer of dentin underneath, causing patients to feel temporary nerve sensitivity. Dentin is a darker, more protective layer underneath the enamel and on top of the tooth. The whitener is meant to only bleach the enamel, and not to reach any further down. It is also not meant to touch the gums.

Teeth whitening is a very successful procedure, but does not work on all teeth. Teeth that have been extremely darkened, or teeth that have no enamel, may not be able to undergo the whitening procedure with any success. Whitening will also not work on crowns or fillings. Overall, the procedure has been met with much success and the effects can last for years. Keep in mind that teeth whitening does not replace brushing, and proper oral hygiene habits are still necessary to protect your teeth from cavities and infection.

The bleach creates the vibrant, dazzling smile that you’ve always wanted, and this holiday season, your smile will be the talk of the party.