What to Look for in a Toothbrush

When it’s time to replace your toothbrush, do you head to the store and blindly choose one? Do you base your decision on solely color or price? While you might be a bit intimidated by the large number of toothbrushes to choose from, there are a few basic factors that you should consider. Knowing these factors can help make your decision easier and faster. You’ll also love knowing that your toothbrush is the best option for you.

Bristle Strength
If you’ve ever looked at a toothbrush package closely, you’ll notice that it identifies the type of bristles that the toothbrush has. Some people think that by choosing hard bristles, they will be able to scrub away more plaque and do a better job cleaning their teeth. But the truth is that harder bristles can actually hurt your gums and cause irreversible gum recession.
Soft bristles are usually the best choice for you. Brushing isn’t about strength. It’s about technique. If you brush your teeth as often as you should, the right technique will clean them perfectly with soft bristles. You can always speak with your dentist to see if you are one of the rare cases where medium or hard bristles would be better but for the average person, soft bristles are the way to go.

Have you ever just grabbed a toothbrush off the rack and been unpleasantly surprised when you got home and used it? Sometimes the toothbrush can be so large that you are uncomfortable while brushing and have difficultly angling the toothbrush to get into tight spots. Other times, the toothbrush can be so small that you feel like a giant. Your normal brushing movements don’t seem to be covering as much ground and you notice that your mouth just doesn’t feel as clean as it used to.
There’s no guide that will help you know the right size toothbrush to choose right off the bat. You really need to rely on trial and error. Use your best judgement when purchasing a toothbrush and then adjust as needed when it’s time to replace it. You’ll be surprised at the difference that size can make in your brushing routine.

This factor will most likely surprise you. We often think that we get what we pay for and for some products, this couldn’t be more true. However, when it comes to toothbrushes, high prices don’t always mean a better cleaning experience. Most of the time, the high price is determined because of unnecessary extras. You might be paying for a fancy color design or a handle that has unnecessary grips. Sometimes, the more basic model is the best. Consider the above factors first before considering the price.
Keep in mind that there is no perfect toothbrush for everyone. Each mouth is unique and it may take a bit to find the ideal toothbrush for you. If you have any questions or need a little help making a selection, Quay Dental would love to help you.


What to Look For in Your Toothbrush