Dental and Whole Body Health

Maintain Healthy Habits for Your Teeth and Your Whole Body

You have a busy schedule. You can’t always take the time to brush and/or floss your teeth after every meal, especially in the middle of the workday. So how can you maintain a healthy smile? Well, your dental health is actually directly related to the health of your entire body.

Eating and drinking foods and beverages that are highly acidic and/or contain a lot of sugar can lead to plaque and calculus build-up and tooth decay. These foods and beverages can also increase your chances of developing gum disease. Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol (and other diuretics) can also negatively affect your dental health, as well as your overall health.

To see an immediate improvement in your dental health, avoid drinking soft drinks and fruit juices or eating acidic foods as snacks between meals, and keep your sugar content down. For more information or to schedule a clean and check appointment with one of our dentists in Sydney CBD, call Quay Dental today at 02 9241 2038.