Children’s Dentistry

Get Your Kids on the Road to a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth and Gums

At Quay Dental, we love kids! We want to be your dentist in Sydney CBD for the whole family, and that means helping your children develop healthy dental hygiene habits starting from an early age. We work to ensure that children’s visits to our office are fun, gentle, and as fast as possible so that we can build a trusting relationship with them and help them associate going to the dentist with good health and great results.

When you bring your child in for a clean and check appointment, your dentist will examine your child’s head, teeth, and gums for proper development. They’ll also address anything unhealthy that may affect dental health and/or development, such as thumb sucking, lip biting, or nail chewing. And, of course, they will also help educate your child on good cleaning habits and how to maintain a healthy smile.

To make an appointment for your child or for more information on children’s dentistry in Sydney, call our office at 02 9241 2038 or fill out our online contact form.